2015 WMBC Logo Student Ministries

What are we about?

We at WMBC have a great desire for our students to grow in a deeper relationship with Jesus. Almost every night we play games, engage in worship, hear some teaching and spend time in small groups. Our desire is to create a safe place for students to share and be taught around caring adults who both love Jesus and students. To affirm them and mobilize them in our community.


What are small groups?

We believe that for changing the lives of teenagers we need to do this by doing something small. We believe in a small group model of ministry where students are put into small groups of the same gender and grade and given a trained same gendered leader. We believe that when there is a constant leader in the life of a student that there is a greater chance for the student to have a long term relationship with Jesus.


What time do we meet?

Junior High (Gr.7,8)
Mondays 7:30-9:00PM, doors open at 7:00PM

High School (Gr. 9-12)
Wednesdays 7:30-9:30PM, doors open at 7:00PM

*Please visit the church calendar for more updated info for special events.

**If there is no school due to poor weather or holidays then youth nights will generally be cancelled as well. If you’re not sure if our night is cancelled please call the church office.


For Parents
We really want to connect with parents in our student ministry. When we combine the influences at church and at home we have a far greater ability to reach and mentor students. All of our leaders connect with parents and we look forward to connecting with you more.


Stay up to date
There is a monthly email update on our student ministry. It includes calendar and what is currently being taught. If you want to be part of these emails then email Rick@winklermb.com and ask to be part of them.

If you have any questions at all please contact Rick Friesen. You can reach him at the church office at (204)325-8322 or email Rick@winklermb.com

There is also a WMBC calendar here: http://inspireequipemerge.com/sermonsmedia/calendar