What is MarriedPeople Down the Road? We believe every marriage could benefit by connecting regularly with a like-minded couple who is a little “further down the road.” A couple who will encourage you, celebrate with you, and support you along the way.

Who is this for? Married People! From those just starting to navigate the road of life together to those further down the road and any couples along the way!

What’s the process? You, as a couple, will complete an intake form to help us get to know you better and to more wisely pair you up with a like-minded couple
Couples will be contacted and given a number of options for different Down the Road couples that could meet with them (called “Leader couples”)
Once you have chosen some potential Down the Road Leader couples, you’ll simply be invited to connect with them over coffee and get to know each other a bit. This is just a coffee. No obligation to continue anything at this point. You’re welcome to have coffee with a number of different couples, and then continue on with those you connected with best
At this point, you and the other couple will commit to making an intentional connection with each other on a monthly basis
At the 3 month mark, we’ll check in with you and get your feedback on how things are going. If there are no issues, you’ll continue to meet together until the 12-month mark.

How do I get involved? Sign up below, or drop by the HomeLife Centre!

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