Our Family Ministry Team seeks to orient itself around a few simple phrases. One of these is:
“What happens at home is more important than what happens at church.”

We believe the home has greater potential to nurture the spiritual growth of children and parents than any other context. The home is the primary place in which the beauty of the Kingdom of Heaven is revealed, and through which our neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools, and communities will experience the goodness and grace of God. Our desire is to see God revealed in and through the relationships in our homes – marriages, parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.

We invite you to take a step of intentionality today and check out one of the many resources and programs available for your home.

Check out our Orange vision that combines family with the faith community or sign up for our online parenting course.
The Rites of Passage Experience (ROPE) is here to help you make the most of the significant transitions in your child’s life with resources for parents of children from Birth through to Grade 12.
Whether you’re dating, married, separated, or “it’s complicated,” every relationship has room to grow.
Downloadable relevant resources to further inspire and equip you and your family.
Check out upcoming Events and Campaigns from your HomeLife team!