Attention students!
At WMBC we believe that God uses his word by the power of His spirit to transform lives. We believe that studying and understanding the scriptures are central pieces of the discipleship journey. As a church we want to partner with and equip disciples of Jesus who pursue Biblical studies.
The Discipleship Training Assistance Policy is a system whereby students pursuing post-secondary Biblical studies and call WMBC their church home can apply and receive tuition assistance.


  1. Students must be pursuing post-secondary Biblical Studies.
  2. The student has exhibited a commitment to Christian ministry and exhibited leadership qualities through their involvement at WMBC or other ministry opportunities.
  3. The course must be an 11 week minimum, or equivalent to a 3 credit hour course.
  4. The outreach or mission portions of the schooling do not qualify under this policy – cf. GO Support.

Financial Committments
Successful applicants will receive:

  1. No more than 30% of tuition costs.
  2. Up to $60.00 per credit hour per semester (maximum 15 credit hours)
  3. Up to $68.00 per week for Discipleship Training Centers where credit hours are not identified.

Based on a $200.00 per credit hour cost and 16 credit hours per semester
Download the Application Form.