One hundred years from now, the only thing that will really matter for us, our kids, our parents, is having an authentic relationship with God! It is our belief, that as a church, we have maximum impact in raising children to have that relationship with God when we work together with parents. We call that ORANGE, a color made up of yellow – representing the bright light the church pointing to Jesus Christ and red – the warm heart of the home raising children. It is a real problem that many young people and young adults are walking away from the church. Jesus’ answer is found in part when he prayed for unity for believers. That is my goal for families and volunteers. Whether it’s families, ministry teams, or the grade 4 boys small group – unity is powerful, morale building, encouraging.

Children’s Ministry is a place to grow, not only as children, but as leadership. It is a place where we don’t know all the answers, but know the one who does.


Kid's Groups
One hundred years from today, the only thing that will really matter is having a relationship with God. WMBC Kid’s Groups are our Sunday Morning program for children aged 2 – grade 6. The five heartbeats of Kid’s Groups are: worship, identity in Christ, house of prayer, having an authentic relationship with God and community of faith.
Authentic worship of God will keep kids connected to God without interruption. Knowing who they are in Christ and who Christ is in them is powerful and gives them true identity of indomitable character. Leaders are praying Philippians 1:9-11 for their students and their parents on a weekly basis.

Our preschoolers are learning foundational truths like:
· God made me
· God provides for our needs
· God loves me

Our elementary students – k-gr 6 are learning:
· To worship the one true God
· To treat others the way they want to be treated
· That it is important to share Jesus Christ with others

Supervised Nursery
Partnering with parents. Engaging little ones. Connecting families and the church.
The Supervised Nursery ministry serves families with children age 0-2. To meet the various needs of families with little ones, there are two spaces; one for those caring for infants and toddlers and one for supervised care of toddlers.

There is a room at the back of the church, looking out into the sanctuary, where parents can go to feed/rock/play with their babies comfortably during the service. From this space caregivers can enjoy the service while caring for their infant/toddler in a quiet, safe place.

Once the little ones are one year old, they are welcome to come and join the nursery volunteers (parents and youth) across the hall from the nursing room. Here the little ones play with nursery volunteers while parents are free to enjoy the service in the sanctuary. During this time little ones hear about God’s love and see it in action. Caregivers share Jesus through Bible stories, music and loving, attentive interactions of supervised play.

Parents with children using Supervised Nursery will be asked to be a part of the volunteer rotation (usually once every four to eight weeks), and will be required to go through the same application process as other Children’s Ministry volunteers, including all the necessary background checks.

We pray that through the Supervised Nursery, young families can connect and support each other in leading their children on a personal journey with God.

Stay & Play
Stay And Play is a time when parents and their children come to have fun in a different space with friends. Parents stay, visit, have a cup of coffee and are encouraged to consider Jesus in their journey of life. Stay and Play takes place Tuesday mornings, 9:30-11:30 during the school year. Everyone welcome!