Hearing and Obeying God
We are Spirit-led participants who seek out God’s missional initiative; our action is a response to his invitation. He reveals His vision, goals, and strategies through prayer and supplication; leadership structures of WMBC—we recognize that God can speak through the Global Outreach Leadership Team; relationships—we believe God knits our hearts to those He wants us to serve in partnership. As He speaks through relationships, we gain understanding of where, how, and when to use the resources—both people and finances—that He has entrusted to us.

We are pursuing a shared vision and interdependence with all WMBC’s ministries.

Equipping & Empowering
We place a high value on equipping and empowering our WMBC members who sense God’s call to short or long-term missions. We believe short-term mission projects begin to shape a “missions” lifestyle in its participants and this excitement rubs off on others. The heart cannot go where the eyes have not seen.

We are challenging the idols of comfort, security, and safety to reach “the least of these” – the least evangelized, and the least transformed.

Evangelism & Discipleship
We believe humanity’s greatest problem is the sin that separates them from God. We want to invest in ministries who give priority to evangelism and discipleship.

Transformation through Local Churches
We want to see the Kingdom of God extended through local churches—both existing churches and newly planted missional communities of God’s people—that bring His transformation to the entire spectrum of community life, from neighbourhoods to nations.

Strategic Long term Partnerships
We are committed to expanding the Kingdom of God by developing partnerships that are driven by common purpose and sustained by a willingness to learn from, listen to, and grow together as we serve God. Our short-term projects and our investment of resources should complement our long-term strategic purposes.

Opportunities for Multiplication
We want to invest in ministries that have the potential for multiplication. These include:
Leadership development of missionaries, nationals, and church planters, particularly among the least evangelized, least transformed, or most unreached peoples. Projects and ministries that lead toward community transformation.

Compassionate Relief
We encourage WMBC to respond to extreme disasters with compassionate relief by sending funds, people, or other resources as we work through established relationships and trusted partners.